Blinding Silence has been selected for the Boston Indie Showcase at Pax East 2011! If you are going to be at Pax East, be sure to drop by and say hello!

To see the list of games in the showcase (including one by some ex-classmates of ours) go to

Well, IGF Student submissions are due tomorrow. I've been working on polishing the game since the end of August, and it's hard to believe that time is up. Here's what has changed, since the MQP release:

  • A new keyboard/mouse control scheme
  • A full 13 level story arc
  • Lots and lots of voice acting (who knew a cane would have so much to say?)
  • Original ambient music, composed by the very talented Jared Cowing
  • And plenty more!

So Grab it from the download page!

PS Check out the spiffy new trailer!

The MQP is complete, but the project is just getting started. Over the summer, we will be refining Blinding Silence for entry into the IGF, including:

  • Revisiting the Wii-Motionplus
  • Upgrades to the keyboard/mouse controls
  • More levels with harder puzzles
  • Several layers of polish, with a side of wax

Stay tuned!