Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Concept

Designed and produced by the Brendan Greene, this game is an upgrade on his previous attempts like Arma and H1Z1. It in a way combines the experience and graphic capacity of his two previous works and transforms it into the cool PUBG game. Although the game is prone to technical hiccups once in a while, its gamers’ favourite especially since it has come a long way from its original lunch date in 2017.

Players are dropped from a plane at the beginning of the game, floating onto an island that looks more deserted than inhabited. This island is a bit large and contains numerous abandoned warehouses, random cars, and gears that would all come in handy for survival. New gamers in the terrain might find it difficult to get accustomed to the overall setting at first and would almost spend their whole first match wondering and confused.

Where the game gets interesting is players having to stay within the confines of an electric-blue circle that continuously shrinks slowly. At the start, this circle covers the whole terrain and then keeps phasing out grounds till all players are trapped in a single square foot, or rather, all surviving players.

Survival is an essential part of the game and is why the circle is programmed in. You can only run so far as a player, forcing you to confront other players sooner rather than later. This is why it is important to spend the early moments of the game gearing up and strategizing. Whether you decide to take vintage and snipe from a cliff, or hide in the bush, or simply take other players head-on after being armed to the teeth, the numbers would eventually dwindle as the circle keeps shrinking.

The game is also about observation and taking note of minute details in your surroundings because they all indicate something. For example, military bases and cities house a lot of powerful weapons, but also attract a lot of players, therefore you would have to fight hard and well to get the spoils. Also, at the start of the match, every door is closed, therefore seeing an opened door somewhere is an indication that someone is around the area.

Over time, one tends to memorize terrains, location of weapons and gears, and best battle strategies. Basically, the more frequently and the longer time you have with this game, the more you learn the languages of Battlegrounds.

Uncertain Outcomes

The running scope and potential outcomes of PUBG are dependent on players’ skills and familiarity, the randomness of weaponry and other gadgets, and the spot which the circle closes into. Keep in mind these three parameters that never change; terrain on the island, gear up, and be the last man standing. This well thought simulation gives a sense of progress to every player at the end.

In the battleground, there are no spoils to be shared, unlike some other games where you earn experience whether you lose or not. To be the last man standing after a round is a testament to the fact that 99 other people didn’t survive. This satisfaction is second to none.

You would always be at your heels while playing this game because it never feels safe. At any moment, all your hard work strategic positioning and gear up can easily be undone by a newbie looking to recklessly explore the terrain. This combination of progression, failure, strategic construction and regression, and total failure or success gives an unmatchable pleasure.

The Game Is Only as Difficult as the Players

The thrill and high competition for survival in the game make it appealing. This is why PUBG game plays has average millions of views so far on YouTube, and everybody seemingly chasing an upgrade on the strength of their avatar.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is only as tough as the players, and if you want something out of it, you have to be up to the task. There is no easy way through, which is one of the reasons some have resulted in unethical hacks tools and techniques just to get an edge. The game’s controls lack the smoothness seen in modern games today, and interaction while acquiring spoils seems old-fashioned. However, it was designed that way in an aim to avoid lags caused by high-end graphics and allows easy see-through for bushes and other camouflage objects.


This game still get a good amount of updates occasionally because the designers keep trying to fix game glitches, and improve server responses to give better user experience. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds unlike many others does not rely on familiar game languages but has established its own.