About The Blinding Silence

Four Worcester graduate students created The Blinding Silence as their final research thesis. This game won an IGF award in 2011 and was reviewed with 5 stars by www.myguygames.com.

To explain better, the main character (a blind man) has special supersonic skills that could be used to save the world from darkness. He can do this by using his walking stick to make sounds that will distract elements, and he will, in turn, use this distraction to break the crystal in each stage of the game.

The characters main aim of blinding silence is to return light to the world. The intended audiences for this game are the primary audience: a gamer that loves to think and puzzle game freaks. This audience love games in a different interface from the natural scenery.

Players that love filling gaps and solving problems fulfill this role. The secondary audience: these are audiences that love games generally and are thrilled by fun and entertainment.

By the way, this game has its controllers, however, for PC users, there is an option to use a keyboard and mouse for movement.

Game scenery and control in the game

This game scene is primary a dense forest that has blinks of light. These forests and woods have been cut away from significant civilization.


Two main controls are created for this game. These controls are known as Wii-remote.

The first Wii-remote allows the character to create sounds by hitting objects, just like cricket. This one has a nun chuck attached to it, facilitating movement and other game interactions. The second Wii-remote is placed in apposition to the player. When this is used with head trackers, it allows you to track your movements in the game.

Head Tracker

This is another equipment provided for the main character. This is used with the aid of an infrared glass. These glasses, when connected with the second Wii-remote, allow amplification of easy tracking.

The Gameplay

All puzzles in Blinding silence are small machines. The player’s primary goals in each stage are to tamper with the operations of the devices. However, this won’t be easy because of some impediments.

The first impediment is of his blurred vision; however, with the help of his talking stick, he should be able to move around seamlessly. Another impediment is the energy fields, which he has to find a way to deactivate before destroying the crystals. This tampering with his stick has to be repeated continuously until he finds a way to destroy the crystals in each stage and move to the next step successfully.

Characters in Blinding Silence

Apart from the main character (the blind man), we have four others:

  • Harvesters: These are the first characters the player comes across in the game. They have an affinity with stone and trees, and therefore whenever they hear any sonic sound relating to wood and stone, they move towards the direction.
  • Operators: These characters can be found on all levels of the game. Their main job is to stand by the switch and turn it off for a limited period when they hear any sound.
  • Carriers: These characters move between wood and stones alternating frequently. His line of work is transporting wood logs and rocks.
  • Artisans: This character walks in the opposite direction of any sounds he hears. When he hears a wooden sound, he moves to the stony structure and vice versa.

Game design in Blinding Silence

Blinding silence has various technology designs that make it puzzling and entertaining some of them are:

  • Resources
  • Wood and stone can be found in various forms in this game. We also have several trees that are used to create logs and placed in huge piles. You can also see stones in forms called Boulder. The character harvester can harvest these stones in large quantities for construction work. These resources are not exhaustive.

  • Crystals
  • We have two main types of diamonds in the game. They can be found in all the stages in the game. The differences between the glasses are in size. They are placed in a fenced iron bar to prevent accessibility by the main actor. These crystals emit notice when touched. The destruction of the big glasses ends a level.

  • Force Fields
  • You can only access the gems in this game through the energy force fields. They are shiny iron bars which obstruct the blind actor from accessing the diamond. When active, they give out a faint sound. These force fields are connected to a switch.

  • Switches
  • We have two switches in this game—the ones made of wood and stone. Only the operator can put it off. This switch has a level like attachment.

    We gave given a detailed explanation of a top-selling puzzle game made by graduate students. This game is interesting, engrossing and fun.